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Golden Mosque was the first mosque established in Rochdale.

Since the 1960′s, Golden Mosque has remained in the Spotland area and continues to provide the Muslim community of Rochdale with all their Islamic needs, from daily prayers, Islamic lectures and classes to funerals. It’s objective is to provide everyone with a beneficial Islamic education and encourage others to study in the correct ways of Islam.

Golden Mosque works in conjuction with many local organisations to promote community cohesion, good health and wellbeing. Just recently, in conjuction with the NHS and local council, we organised a mental health awareness session to help and educate the local community.

Mosque History

Golden Mosque was the first mosque in Rochdale. It was originally situated in the old building on Lower Sheriff Street, serving the community since the 1960s. Since then a major project was undertaken to build a purpose built mosque on the site adjacent to the current building. The overall cost of the new building was £2.4 million pounds, all donated by local residents and businesses. The new building was opened to the public in August 2010.

Golden Mosque

Since the mosque’s erection, it has become a focal point for the Muslim community. Over the years, Muslims have used the mosque for events, meetings, lectures, studies and community and educational purposes. Many of the original founders of the mosque committee still make up the mosque management or are trustees of the mosque but as time has passed, many new innovations have been made as to how the mosque is democratically run using Islamic teachings as the basis for equal representation of all members of the community. Thus, regular meetings, annual selection and equal opportunities have meant that the running of Golden Mosque has been as efficient as possible over the decades.

Mosque Design

The mosque itself has got three floors. On the Ground floor there is a large Main Hall for prayers which can easily accommodate around 500 worshippers at any one time. In addition there is a Balcony to accommodate an additional 200 worshippers. In the lower ground floor there is a multi purpose hall, which can be used for prayers, classes, refreshments and even a youth club. The building has been equiped with all the essential digital gadgets, such as projectors and project screens, TVs, Wifi, a live video feed and a large LCD screen.

The mosque also boasts unique wudu facilities on all three floors, an industrial kitchen, a purpose built computer room, car parking on ground floor and underground car parking.

Future Plans

We have just demolished the old mosque building and construction is underway to develop a new 3 floor building that will provide essential facilities such as classroom, multi purpose halls and meeting rooms. The project is expected to cost around £1million and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

We have also purchased the old magistrates court in Rochdale town centre and will be opening this up to the public with many community services.