Marriage Introductions

Golden Mosque is now offering a marriage introduction service. This is an important and much needed service for our community. We hope to help many individuals find suitable spouses.

To use this service, please

  1. download this form
  2. complete and email to
  3. Leave the rest to us to help find your potential spouse

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this service. The service is intended to be 100% shariah compliant.

  1. How does your service work?

Our service is intended to be a marriage introduction service only. Golden Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre is not responsible for any subsequent relationship but is merely there to facilitate an introduction. Our aim is to provide introductions in a 100% shariah compliant way, with the guardian of the users mahram. A team of staff will carefully vet the profiles and see if there are suitable matches for introductions.

  1. Who will be in charge of matching me up?

We have a dedicated team of both male and females who will carefully analyse profiles in order to find a suitable match.

  1. Will my data be matched using algorithms?

No, our service is not intended to use algorithms.

  1. How will my data be secured?

Data security and privacy is very important to us. Please see our data protection and privacy policies for further information.

  1. Do you offer other services?

No, we do not offer any other service but if an introduction leads to a potential marriage, Golden Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre are a registered organisation that can conduct ceremonial marriages which are recognised by the law and replace the need for marriage registration ceremonies.

  1. How much will the cost be?

There is an initial £20.00 fee. However, a hardship fund is available for those who are unable to afford the fee. Please contact us on to find out if you could qualify.

  1. How long does my profile last on the database?

Every attempt will be made to find a suitable match within 12 months, if not match has been made, we will contact you further to discuss your options.